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Top 5 Met Gala 2024 looks

Seya Sawiris
The Met Gala, a highly anticipated annual fundraising event hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, took place May 6. We got to see how different brands took their attempt at this year鈥檚 dress code 鈥淭he Garden of Time.鈥

The Met Gala, an annual event held on the first Monday of May since 1948, took place May 6. The evening raises funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art鈥檚 Costume Institute in New York City and showcases its annual fashion exhibits, cementing its place as one of the most highly anticipated events for fashion enthusiasts.聽

This year, Met Gala attendees were asked to adhere to the dress code of 鈥淭he Garden of Time.鈥 The dress code was inspired by the short story written by J.G. Ballard in 1962 about the mental impacts of advancements in technology, society and the environment and is intended to accompany the theme of the current exhibition, 鈥Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.鈥澛

With a variation of different turns taken by designers, we were blessed to experience floral-printed gowns, dazzled suits and many other inspiring looks. As a fashion lover, I was excited to see how this year鈥檚 designer brands and celebrities interpreted and embodied the theme.聽

Although this year’s dress code seemed more straightforward than previous years, countless brands missed the mark. This year, my favorite outfits were those that maintained a beautiful design while sufficiently matching the theme.


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Mona Patel

As a first-timer at the Met, most people would have opted for a safe outfit, but fashion entrepreneur Mona Patel did not hesitate to stand out. Styled by the famous Law Roach and clad in custom couture by Iris Van Herpen, Patel’s ensemble was the perfect blend of creativity and elegance while addressing the theme perfectly. She wore graceful earrings and had her hair up, showcasing the dress without anything distracting from the piece.聽

Patel’s dress showcased an hourglass silhouette, with electronic, fluttering butterflies adorning her arms. The meticulously structured butterfly wings cinched her waist, presenting the idea of a sand hourglass to symbolize the timeless aspect of this year’s theme. She wore different shades of gold, giving the stunning piece a royal and classy effect. The back of the dress features layered butterfly wings, creating a trailed effect. These silhouettes appear carefully embroidered throughout most of the wings following the back.





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As one of this year鈥檚 co-chairs dressed by the same stylist as Mona Patel, Zendaya stunned on the red 鈥 or, should I say, green 鈥 carpet in a phenomenal outfit designed by John Galliano. This marked Zendaya鈥檚 return to the Met Gala since her memorable Cinderella-inspired appearance in 2019.聽

Her look featured an indigo blue and emerald green fitted dress accentuated by a fishtail skirt that left a short trail behind her. Leaf decorations embellished various parts of the dress, with some delicately wrapped around her arm. Her makeup embraced a darker palette, as the combination of her dark red and pink eyeshadow alongside her dark lipstick created a gloomy look. In line with the theme of her attire, Zendaya wore a headpiece that appeared as a veil, complemented by a bird ornament placed on her neck, tying together her somber forest-inspired look.







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Demi Moore

Showcasing the fabulous designs of Harris Reed, Demi Moore brought her all to the Met Gala this year. It marked the actress’s return to the event after a five-year hiatus. Moore’s ensemble featured a black velvet dress covered with enlarged Chloris flowers. In an interview with , Reed said he wanted to take a different approach to the theme and depart from the conventional delicacy often associated with 鈥淭he Garden of Time.鈥

The dress boasts a heart-shaped silhouette, accentuated by the pop of color given by the pink Chloris flowers. The look is further distinguished by spiked detailing around the enlarged sleeves, setting it apart from the conventional geometrics of fashion.

Continuing the theme of Chloris flowers, Moore accessorized with a Cartier Chloris necklace 鈥 a stunning piece from Cartier鈥檚 upcoming high jewelry Nature Sauvage collection, set to debut in the coming weeks. This year, Moore was no victim to the constant repetitiveness of plain dresses often seen at the Gala. By embracing a bold style choice, she stepped out of her comfort zone and delivered her most memorable appearance yet.




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Lil Nas X

In his third year attending the Met Gala, Lil Nas X once again left a dazzling impression with his impeccable style. From his golden armor suit in 2021 to dressing as Karl Lagerfeld鈥檚 cat in 2023, there is never a dull look for Lil Nas X. He constantly goes above and beyond and strays away from the plain suits we continually see each year.

This year, the artist collaborated with the talented designer Raul Lopez to create a well-rounded look that satisfied all those eagerly anticipating the Met Gala. He wore a two-piece cream tuxedo adorned with over 50,000 Swarovski crystals. The crystals鈥 dominance awakened his silhouette, highlighting a new approach to fashion design. Matching the crystal theme, Lil Naz X wore diamond earrings, tooth gems and long nails covered in diamonds, seamlessly completing the look.







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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey left no room for disappointment when wearing the custom design by the impeccable S茅an McGirr. To find inspiration for this piece, McGirr took a look at an archival piece by Alexander McQueen.聽

Making her long-awaited return after six years, fans were eager to see what she would bring to this year’s event. From her 2018 tribute to the Catholic dress code with daggers attached to her dress to her flawless impression on this year鈥檚 carpet wearing an enchanted forest-inspired dress, Lana Del Rey has consistently delivered.

Her attire featured a skin-toned, silk corset dress that cascaded elegantly behind her as she graced the carpet. Surrounding the dress were delicately intertwined branches that dove into the nature-like feeling you get when hearing the theme 鈥淭he Garden of Time.鈥

Del Rey wore a headband adorned with branches that provided structure to her veil, allowing it to drape over her face effortlessly. A single rose, serving as a bracelet, acted as the finishing touch, tying the entire look together. The combination of branches, roses, and ethereal silhouette set her apart from the countless floral dresses seen on the carpet.

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